If You Need More Traffic, Better Conversions, More Sales Or A More Compelling Personal Brand, Take A Look At Our Unique Social Media Coaching Programme For CEOs, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
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Transformational Social Media Coaching For CEOs, Leadership Teams, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Six Month Private Coaching and Mentoring Programme
With Philip Calvert FPSA, FInstSMM
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Cracking The Social Media Code for Business Owners, CEOs & Entrepreneurs - Build & Kickstart
Your Personal & Business Social Media Plan With Philip Calvert
Philip Calvert speaking on Social Media in Retail in Portugal in 2016
Philip Calvert's unique Social Media Coaching Programme brings clarity, focus and targeted action to your online activity.

Business Owners, CEOs and Entrepreneurs pride themselves on their professionalism and the service they provide, so their Social Media activity needs to align perfectly with these values.

So ditch a 'tweet and hope' approach to Social Media and discover a wealth of little-known but proven Social Media strategies which you'll apply to both your business and personal brand.

Important:  Please note that this is NOT a 'how to use Twitter' type programme; you will be working at a strategic level and 'hands on', so that Social Media can bring tangible benefits to you, your business and your clients.  

When you complete the programme, you'll have a completed Social Media plan in your hands which is unique to your business and your business alone.
"Phil's Social Media expertise is outstanding. Just a week after his workshop we closed a six digit business deal based on the techniques he taught me."
Prof. Dr. Niels Brabandt
CEO NB Networks
Get Answers To Your Questions
No two businesses are the same.  You'll get Social Media help & advice that's right for your specific business needs.
Create Your Plan
There's no theoretical fluff - you'll get proven techniques & you'll develop your unique approach to Social Media!
Put It Into Action
No more 'tweet and hope' - you'll identify, plan and implement specific Social Media actions that are aligned with your business goals.
And by the way...
We insist that you get massive value, so don't think we're going to let you finish the programme without holding you to account!  After you finish, we're going to check in with you regularly to follow your progress.

So when you sign up, you'll also get FREE membership of Philip Calvert's private clients only Facebook group ROCK YOUR SOCIAL LIFE! where we'll share successes and give extra help if it's needed.  We want you to succeed!
Here's Your Six Month Programme To Becoming A 'Social CEO':
Throughout the coming six months, you'll work personally with Philip, through a combination of face-to-face meetings, Skype and email.

Your programme will be personalised to your specific needs and will include topics such as:

*  Getting to know you, your business and how you currently use Social Media and Content Marketing

*  Crystallising your personal and professional goals - and examining how Social Media will support and build your personal and professional identity

*  Understanding your business - its history and future direction, and identifying how Social Media can support your overall business proposition as it moves forward

*  Your clients and advocates - how Social Media will add massive value to your customer proposition

*  Building your 'Client Personas' - advanced engagement techniques to attract your ideal clients through Social Media & Content Marketing

*  How to pinpoint your position in the marketplace & identify opportunities for distinction through Social Media

*  How to complement your offline persona with a compelling & professional online presence 

*  How to identify & dominate your unique niche online

*  How to identify & create persuasive & unique content that your target clients want to see

*  Quick wins!  Throughout the programme, Philip will share proven ideas, tips and tools that you can implement immediately

* Building your Social Media plan - transforming your hard work & ideas into your unique & personalised Social Media plan
Important >>  This programme isn't for everyone, but when you commit and join us, it's vital that you come with an open mind and an eagerness to learn.
Your Investment: Six Month, Personalised Transformational Social Media Coaching Programme for CEOs, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:  £4,997
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Only Ten Places Available in 2017
There's No Theoretical Fluff!  This Programme Is About Taking Action
  •  Six Month content-rich training, consulting and mentoring for CEOs, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  •  Advanced Strategies for attracting profitable new clients with Social Media & Content Marketing
  •  Dominating your unique niche with tailored content
  •  Develop & Build your personal Content Proposition
  •  Identify and enhance your online 'tone of voice'
  •  Pinpoint your position in the marketplace & identify opportunities for distinction
  •  Create and target your ideal client personas
  •  Master little-known LinkedIn features and attract new clients automatically with proven strategies
  •  Write and build your personal & unique Social Media plan there and then
  •  Quick wins - get the latest tips, tricks and tactics to support your Social Media strategy
When You Sign Now, We'll Include A FREE Skype/Telephone Conversation Ahead Of The Programme To Learn Your Biggest Obstacles Preventing You From Winning More Clients Through Social Media
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